The Foundation of the Future Enterprise

DataOps is not a product, rather, it’s a discipline designed to connect data consumers with data creators to enable collaboration and accelerate innovation. An effective DataOps effort enables collaborative data management discipline across the organization that improves communication, integration, and automation of data.

Data — its generation, delivery, concentration, and exploration — is at the heart of the digital economy, and the IT organization as a driver of DataOps will play a critical role in connecting with customers in new ways, developing new revenue sources, and improving business operational efficiency.

As lives and businesses are digitized and augmented digitally, more data is not only created in the process but also leveraged in new and exciting ways. By 2023, 102.6 ZettaBytes (1,000,000 PetaBytes) of new data will be created around the globe, compared with just 32.6ZB in 2018. The effective collection and use of data along with a growing pool of even more valuable metadata (data about the data) is not an option in the digital economy; it is a requirement. The demands of gathering, protecting, and leveraging more diverse data is a challenge for today’s IT organizations across all industries.

2018-2023 Revenue ($B) with Growth (%)

IT organizations that want to survive and then thrive in the digital economy will be recognized for their ability make it easy to create, move, analyze, deliver, retain, and secure any and all data required.